Fire Engineering Solutions from FDS

Do you feel inhibited in what you can design and build due to regulation? We offer fire engineering services at either the design, build or install stage of the project, which help you to reach your design ambitions whilst adhering to strict fire safety standards. What’s more, our value engineering expertise also ensures that you maximise rentable space, enhancing the building’s profitability.

Our team of  fire engineers has unrivalled experience, working on amazing projects such as Langham Square, Tesco’s, The Place, London Bridge (mini Shard), Corinthia Hotel, Langham. Whatever the project, no matter how big or complex, if it’s subject to fire safety regulations FDS can provide a full range of fire engineering solutions and services to answer any need.

Do you want to have creative freedom to design and build the buildings you want whilst sticking to regulation and enhancing profitability? Call Fire Design Solutions on 01322 387 411 or fill out a contact form today and tell us about your project.

fire engineering solutions



Fire Design Solutions’ provides the complete service to deliver the ideal smoke ventilation system design and installation for your project.

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Installation and Commissioning

Fire Design Solutions has an experienced and professional team of project managers and engineers to install our systems.

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Service and Maintenance

Fire Design Solutions provides planned maintenance and emergency call out service support.

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