Fire Design Solutions King of the Urban Jungle with Lyon Square Appointment

Fire Design Solutions King of the Urban Jungle with Lyon Square Appointment

Award-winning smoke ventilation contractor Fire Design Solutions (FDS) has been appointed to provide its systems and expertise for a distinctive new London residential development, from Redrow Homes.

Once complete, Harrow’s Lyon Square will feature over 300 one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments with direct access to the City, plus a courtyard, underground parking and cycle store.

The appointment will see FDS supply, install and commission Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems (MSVS) in eight of the development’s blocks, ensuring that smoke can be quickly extracted from common areas in the event of a fire, providing a means of escape for occupants while also improving access for attending fire fighters.

The MSVS will incorporate a Corridor Environmental System, which will use the existing fans and shafts found in the mechanical systems to remove excess heat during day-to-day operation. To maximise resident comfort, the environmental system will operate at low speed overnight, and acoustic silencers will be fitted to the inlet and outlet of each smoke fan, ensuring that noise is minimised.

The whole system will be monitored via an addressable Corridor Smoke Detection System, including optical smoke detectors, a central concierge panel and sprinkler monitoring, which will feature in two of the development’s blocks.

In addition, FDS has been appointed to supply, install and commission a Thrust Ventilation System for the development’s 3,330m2 single-level car parking area, including induction fans, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, fire detection systems and a control panel. As well as clearing smoke in the event of a fire, the induction fans will also operate when CO levels exceed 30 parts per million, ensuring the safety of the car park’s users.

Once work on site is complete, FDS will also ensure that the fire safety systems installed are maintained to the highest possible standard, carrying out two maintenance visits per year and providing a 24-hour call-out service.

Speaking on the project, Simon Halfhide, Sales Director at Redrow Homes said: “Harrow is a vibrant, character-filled area, and Lyon Square will make an excellent addition to the area.


“Having worked with FDS in the past we’re confident in their abilities to maximise fire safety while also helping us to meet our design aims.”

Nick Waterfield, Managing Director of Fire Design Solutions added: “By providing and installing our mechanical and environmental smoke ventilation systems we can ensure that the development will not only be safe, but comfortable for its residents.”

First completions at The Lyon Square development are due June 2017.

Located in the capital’s most exciting new commercial quarter, the 25-storey Stratford Plaza development in Stratford, East London, boasts 220 impressive one, two and three bedroom apartments across 20 floors. As well as its close links to the city centre and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the development also benefits from 2,000m² of commercial office space within its first five floors.

Stratford PlazaAppointed to the project by property developers Telford Homes, FDS designed, supplied, installed and commissioned mechanical smoke ventilation systems for the mixed use development. By keeping staircases and common corridors free from smoke in the event of a fire, the ventilation system will provide a safe escape route for residents, while also allowing access for fire fighters.

Having reviewed the building’s design, FDS installed a corridor environmental system, which utilises the mechanical smoke ventilation system to provide day-to-day ventilation in order to prevent overheating in its corridors.

By making use of the existing mechanical system, costs were minimised, while also reducing the system’s impact on the space available in the building.

As well as managing temperatures, the environmental system will revert to fire safety mode in the event of a fire, ventilating smoke and returning the corridors to tenable conditions.

Along with the office and residential space, FDS was also tasked with installing an enhanced car park ventilation system for the development’s three levels of car parking space.

Through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling, FDS was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the car park ventilation system, which will exhaust unwanted pollutants from vehicles, and provide smoke clearance in the event of fire, maximising safety for the occupants.

The Stratford Plaza development was completed in November 2014, while its car park was completed in March 2015.

For more information about this project please download the case study or contact us on 01322 387411 / email

Located on the impressive riverfront of London’s South Bank, the Riverlight development will boast over 800 apartments across six separate residential buildings once it is complete in 2017. The mixed-use development will also include bars, restaurants, shops, a crèche and an underground car park.

Initially appointed to the project to design, supply and install smoke ventilation systems in three of the blocks, Fire Design Solutions (FDS) secured a further appointment from award-winning developers St James for the remaining pavilions, which range from 12 to 20 storeys in height. As a result of the large scale of the development, FDS’ Project Manager remained on site in a dedicated office, providing a central point of contact for the other parties involved.

The development, which has been designed by renowned architects Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners, saw FDS install a number of its systems, including mechanical smoke ventilation across all six residential blocks.

Selected due to the building’s design and height, mechanical smoke ventilation provides greater efficiency in the event of a fire compared to its natural counterpart, protecting the development’s staircases and common corridors from smoke ingress. The system will also provide a safe escape route for occupants, as well as a clear access route for fire fighters.

The smoke ventilation contractors also installed residential sprinkler systems in each of the six blocks’ apartments. As required under Approved Document Part B of the Building Regulations, all residential apartment buildings with floors above 30 metres above ground level must feature sprinkler systems. By expelling water to the base of a fire, the system controls the fire whilst also preventing it from spreading to other apartments.

The two-level car park, situated beneath all of the blocks, also required FDS to install car park ventilation systems. As well as clearing smoke in the event of a fire, the system exhausts pollutants produced by vehicles during day to day use. The contractors also installed a complete fire alarm system throughout the development.

To ensure that all relevant deadlines were met, and that additional works could progress as quickly as possible, FDS carried out phased handovers of each block, with the car park being delivered in two separate phases.

FDS started work on the Riverlight development in January 2014 and is expected to  complete work at the end of April 2017,  with the entire development expected to be complete by September 2017.

For more information about this project please download the case study or contact us on 01322 387411 / email