Car Park Ventilation

Fire Design Solutions are experts in the design and installation of both commercial and residential Car Park Ventilation Systems.

Car park venting systems are required to exhaust pollutants produced by vehicles and, in the event of fire, clear smoke to assist the fire service. Depending on the type of car park, there are a variety of ventilation systems that can be utilised.

Car Park Smoke Control Made Simple

car park ventilationOur aim with car park ventilation is to provide the most cost-effective solution tailored to the type of car park, the layout of the car park and any additional fire legislation that may be in force over and above the basic code standards.

Thanks to our understanding of fire legislation, research into real fire data and modelling of pollution control, we are able to manipulate the systems and can often reduce system costs or remove unnecessary high cost systems, such as sprinklers, to provide our clients with significant value engineering savings.

Fire Design Solutions provide various car park ventilation systems depending on the type of car park, such as mechanical smoke extraction and enhanced smoke clearance systems.

We are also able to offer hybrid environmental systems where full smoke control systems are not required.

Smoke Control Saves Lives

Using CO monitoring and a stepped control algorithm, Fire Design Solutions ensure there is sufficient air extraction to remove day-to-day pollutants properly, while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.

Smoke is a real threat to life in an enclosed space such as an underground car park and also causes significant issues for fire fighters dealing with the fire. Fire Design Solutions’ smoke extraction and ventilation systems are designed to rapidly remove smoke during and after a fire.

In addition, thanks to our value engineering expertise, our systems typically achieve improved energy efficiency, increased usable space and reduced costs for our clients.


Car Park Smoke Ventilation


Our full smoke ventilation systems aid safe escape and firefighting access, providing a smoke-free approach to within at least 10m of the seat of the fire – as recognised by the relevant British Standard (BS 7346-7:2006) relating to covered car parks for an enhanced firefighting system.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling is a design tool that aids the detailed design of mechanical smoke ventilation systems and is required when applying a fire engineered solution that is not code compliant or an ADB prescribed solution. FDS presents the CFD results in a report for submission to building control and as part of our service will take the design through the approvals process.

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