Residential Sprinkler Systems

Fire Design Solutions specialise in providing Residential Sprinkler Systems that are fully integrated, feature cost effective design and installation service. Our Residential Sprinkler Systems are engineered to offer occupants the safest possible protection from fire.


Residential Sprinkler Systems


Technically advanced systems from the sprinkler sector experts

Residential sprinkler systems are designed specifically to control the spread of a fire within an apartment and from that apartment to any other; essential considerations in any residential building’s evacuation philosophy. For people living in high-rise buildings or those who may otherwise struggle with mobility, they can be a life saver.

The importance of sprinkler systems is reiterated within the latest revision of Approved Document B – sprinkler systems are now an absolute requirement on residential developments with floors 30m above ground level. The ADB references British Standard 9251 on guidance for a code compliant approach to the Building Regulations.

Sprinklers operate by means of a fusible temperature link located within each sprinkler head that expands on heating, causing the sprinkler head link to break. Water is then automatically expelled to the seat of the fire and surrounding areas suppressing it. This allows the fire size to be controlled, satisfying the objectives of the ADB.


Concealed Sprinkler Installation

Room with concealed sprinkler head (image courtesy of St James).


Technical expertise, holistic understanding

Fire Design Solutions provide an exceptional design and installation service.

Features of our residential sprinkler system:

  • Cost-effective systems
  • Design flexibility
  • Client focused service
  • Compliant to Building regulations

FDS offer Sprinkler Systems that offer top-off the range and up-to-date equipment. Our systems range from a basic, British Standard compliant system, to the FDS FS01 Floor Sprinkler System and FDS ABS01 Apartment Sprinkler System.

Our residential sprinkler systems can allow trade-offs’ including omission of other more costly fire safety installations, enable open plan living, extended travel distances, reduced compartmentation and reduced smoke shaft sizes.

Fire Design Solutions residential sprinkler systems have proven their effectiveness on more than one occasion – to see our example residential sprinkler projects here.

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