FDS Chiller System

The FDS Chiller System

Fire Design Solutions’ expert engineers are constantly reviewing our system offering to ensure that our customers have the ideal solutions for their projects.

Although the installation of our corridor environmental systems is a proven way of mitigating heat build-up in common areas such as corridors or lobbies, the increasing use of highly efficient insulation – particularly in high-occupancy residential buildings – can create a need for additional cooling. That’s why we developed our new Chiller System.

Chiller System - Sectional View of Installation on Roof

Sectional View of Installation on Roof

An Integrated System

The system consists of a chiller unit and axial environmental fan fitted at roof level, and is connected to the building’s dedicated environmental shaft or utilises the smoke shaft. This allows the system to supply cold air during day-to-day use in the summer months, controlled by a timer and thermostats.

A motorised damper fitted to the shaft at each level opens during the system’s operation period, with acoustic silencers fitted to the inlet and outlet of the fan minimising the system’s sound output.

In the event of a fire, the system will revert to ‘fire safety mode’ to remove smoke from the building and return it to tenable conditions.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Due to its integrated design, the FDS Chiller System offers a cost-effective solution to overheating, while also having a far smaller footprint compared to standalone air-conditioning units, saving valuable space.

FDS Case Study London Square Putney

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